Pumping Life Back Into Shopping Centers with Renovations

Today’s shopping centers are turning traditional ideas on their head and creating innovative and inviting spaces for potential shoppers.  Many newly planned cities have shopping centers in the center of the planned town, inviting more walking and biking to the city center.  Real estate developers like Janna Bullock are breathing new energy into these spaces and making them inviting for city dwellers and visitors alike.

Shopping malls are also becoming more sensitive to technology, making sure that they renovate with wireless capabilities for those who want to relax in the area and tap into their computers, mobile devices and more.  Where weather permits, some shopping malls are using more outdoor areas, while others are adding in windows to create the illusion of being outdoors in an open, airy location.

David Taxin, a real estate broker at Meacham Oppenheimer who negotiated the sale of the rundown Hacienda Gardens Shopping Center in San Jose, for instance, said, “This will not be sitting idle.” Many developers like Janna Bullock are keen to show off their exciting new designs and to welcome potential customers to the new look and feel of the 21st century malls.

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