Rip Curl’s Pro Search to Be Held in San Francisco

Rip Curl, the world-famous surfing brand, recently announced that its annual Pro Search surfing contest will be held at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach this year. November’s event will be the first surfing contest held in San Francisco in over a decade.

Previously held in Mexico, Portugal, Chile, Puerto Rico and Indonesia, Rip Curl’s major event is the only Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour competition to be held at different locations every year.

Why San Francisco?

San Francisco’s competition has been scheduled in such a way that early-winter arctic storms will create some large breaks; perfect for a surfing contest. The unpredictable conditions are likely to also cause “big barrels”- the long, tubular waves that make surfing challenges unique.

ASP spokesman Dave Prodan said “It’s definitely a different kind of venue for the surfers. It’s projected to be big and shifty and the surfers will probably be battling the elements.”

Dylan Slater of Rip Curl agrees, telling Surfline that the unusual surf at Ocean Beach is likely to bring “a whole new dimension” to the competition. “The unique energy that the city brings will make this event a very distinct part of the Rip Curl Pro Search legacy.”

San Francisco is thrilled to host the event. Not only will the contest increase tourism- it will bring its coastline into the spotlight as well.

Something New

Adam Berke, Ocean Beach surfer and reporter for SurfPulse, said “There will be all the big names. Given that San Francisco hasn’t had any events in a long time, to have one of this caliber come through is a pretty big deal.”

Rip Curl isn’t the only brand to bring its competition from desolate beaches to urbanized areas. Billabong recently relocated a contest to Rio de Janeiro, while Quiksilver has announced an upcoming event in New York.

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