San Francisco 9/11 Memorials

It has been a full decade since the devastation of what has become known as 9/11.  Many people and places are marking the event today in various ways.  San Francisco – where one of the planes was headed from Newark that fateful day – has not been left out of the picture.  Indeed, the entire Bay Area has various special memorials marking this day.

Perhaps one of the city’s most noteworthy works is its opera.  Based on a real-lie hero at the WTC, along with the incredible work of the volunteers that puts the day into the perspective of the incredible service dedicated to the tragedy, the San-Francisco-Opera entitled Heart of a Soldier has definitely made news.  Today there will also be a variety of movies, ceremonies, concerts and even discussion groups held around the entire SF Bay Area.  Leading up to the day itself the JCC Bay Area screened a movie produced by Sean Penn, entitled Love Hate Love.  This is about three families directly impacted by 9/11 which tried to make the world a better place following the tragedy.

On the day itself police, firefighters, etc. will be climbing the stairs of the TransAmerica Pyramid building, each wearing a photo of one of the 343 firefighters who died in the WTC.  There will also be music, food and entertainment.

Other events include the Day of Service and Remembrance (remembrance ceremony followed by volunteering); commemoration at First Church with the imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California; the 9/11 Truth Rally/March, taking place from the Embarcadero to Civic Center; Never Forget: A Tribute to America, with music, parade, other entertainment, with American Idol Jason Castro; the 9/11 Truth Film Festival emceed by comedian Sherry Glaser; a musical tribute honoring the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with the Schola Cantorum chorus and more; Opera in the Park with San Francisco Opera’s orchestra.

There will of course be many tributes today throughout America and around the world, but San Francisco is especially impacted given the flight’s destination 10 years ago.

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