San Francisco Aims to Reduce Cellphone Radiation Exposure

San Francisco supervisors have recently approved the legislation which aims to reduce consumer exposure to cellphone radiation.

The legislation was unanimously approved, and Supervisor John Avalos said it may “save lives.”

The measure is similar to the one which was passed last year. However, that one was left in limbo after being challenged in a lawsuit. The new version requires stores to provide consumers with tips and general information about how to reduce radiation exposure, as opposed to the old version which mandated a label listing each phone’s radiation level.

Experts have stated the new measure may be more beneficial to consumers, as cellphone radiation measurements are often not accurate. Exposure depends on numerous factors, and cannot truly be labeled. Besides, the effects of radiation on human health are debatable and inconsistent.

The new law states that retailers must hand out explanatory sheets and display educational posters when cellphones are purchased. No mention of cancer is required.

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