San Francisco Clean Taxi Program Exceeds Expectations

San Franciscan officials have announced that the city’s taxis have surpassed the 2008 greenhouse gas emissions goal of a 20% reduction by 2012 amid numerous efforts to clean up the city's streets.

In 1990, the average San Francisco taxi emitted 59 tons of GHG every year. Today, the average city taxi emits 30 tons; a 49% reduction in GHG emissions!

“San Francisco’s clean taxi program has exceeded all expectations,” Mayor Lee said. “San Francisco taxicabs are the cleanest in the U.S. and a model to other taxi fleets around the world. The vision and leadership of Mayor Newsom and the Taxi Commission on this ground breaking program set us on this path, and the taxi companies and taxicabs drivers have embraced this program to make San Francisco a model for the rest of the world.”

Lieutenant Governor Newsom added: “When I announced this goal, many people didn’t think it could be done. The clean taxi program has shown that aggressive action is possible at the local level to make major reductions in carbon emissions, reduce our independence on fossil fuels and accelerate a new green economy. Now we are here today recognizing San Francisco as the ‘Greenest Taxi City in America.’”

SFMTA Director of Transportation Edward D. Reiskin said “The collaboration between the SFMTA, the Department of the Environment, our funding partners and the taxi industry is an important part of creating a comprehensive transportation system that is environmentally sustainable and supports our Transit First policy. We will continue to work with the taxi industry to improve taxi service while advancing our environmental goals.”

Former Taxi Commission President Paul Gillespie said “Cutting global carbon dioxide emissions is the most crucial issue of our time, and the San Francisco taxi experience has shown that taking aggressive, collaborative action at the local level can be both profitable and effective. I know the San Francisco taxi industry will continue to play the role of pioneering, early adopters of the cleanest vehicle technology available.”

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