San Francisco Firefighters Swim to Support Cancer Prevention

In San Francisco this week, a group of over forty firefighters pushed their limits with a difficult swim in the Bay Area in support of cancer prevention.

The group, which included both current and retired firefighters, began their mile-and-a-quarter challenge at Alcatraz, and ended it at Aquatic Park. The swim was a fundraiser for cancer prevention in the area.

One third of retired San Franciscan firefighters develop cancer, possibly as a result of the toxic fumes to which they are exposed throughout the career. One of this year’s swimmers said he was lucky to have had his fellow firefighters by his side.

“I got repositioned a couple of times, so I am very close to having done it for my first time,” said San Francisco Battalion Chief Tom Abbott.

Several teens and pre-teens also participated in the famous swim. Jessica Kauan, the 12 year old daughter of a firefighter, said the water was very cold. The fastest time this year was around 35 minutes.

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