San Francisco Hotel Saves Big Bucks On Energy Bill

The San Francisco InterContinental Hotel has been working to save energy, and the effort has certainly paid off; for both the hotel, and the environment!

A report issued by the hotel explained that it has managed to reduce its energy use by 16%. In other words, the hotel saves $198,000 on energy bills every year.

In order to do this the hotel invested in energy-efficient changes throughout the hotel, such as its lighting, HVAC systems and even motion detecting controls in every guest room. The hotel staff was also instructed in the building’s use and waste of energy.

Chief Engineer Harry Hobbs requested that all employees make a promise:

“I pledge to do everything I can to improve and sustain my world at work and minimize my impact on the environment by taking all actions possible to reduce packaging, reuse whenever possible and always recycle.”

The hotel’s general manager Peter Koehler explained that “energy is one of the biggest expenses of building ownership, yet it is the one cost that owners have the most control over. But you can’t manage energy costs if you don’t know where to begin. By benchmarking our hotel’s energy use and identifying inefficiencies through an audit, we were able to take a strategic approach to reducing energy use and maximize savings without sacrificing our customer’s experience.”

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