New San Francisco Law Riles Up Nudists

To those familiar with San Francisco, it’s not surprising that public nudity is completely legal, and actually relatively common. A new law has been put forth, triggering a “Nude-In” which was attended by numerous nude men who felt the law was disrespectful.

The law, proposed by Scott Wiener, would forbid nudity in restaurants, as well as require naked people to put a towel or some other material down before sitting on public seats. Wiener explained that the law was introduced as a response to increasing nudity in parks, streets, restaurants and other public spaces.

“It used to be that there would be one nude guy wandering around the neighborhood and no one thought twice about it,” he said. “Now it’s a regular thing, and much more obnoxious. We have guys sitting down naked in public without the common decency to out something down underneath them.”

Interestingly, the law has encouraged more liberalists to roam the streets in their birthday suits. Many are offended by the law as well, claiming that towel issue is “basic nudist etiquette,” and that the legislation is “totally unnecessary.”

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