San Francisco Mime Troupe Opening


A couple of weeks ago saw the opening of the annual San Francisco Mime Troupe.  In its 53rd season, it will be premiering, “For the Greater Good or the Last Election” This performance is based around the classic 19th century drama, “The Poor of New York.”  But what the SF Mime Troupe does differently, is completely turn the story 1around 180 degrees, and tells it from the viewpoint of the misunderstood Godzillionaires who have made America into what it is today…broke!

There is a lot more going on over the summer with the SF Troupe too.  On July 25th at the Roxie Theater, there’s a free screening of “A Brush with the Tenderloin” and Stage Left – a presentation of one of the city’s grittiest and diverse areas (the Tenderloin) as told through the evolution of a community-inspired mural.

The Troupe is about so much more than just performance.  It is about community.  It is about caring.  It goes around the nation trying to make people “laugh at the absurdities of contemporary life, and at the same time see their causes.”  The group spreads its message of comedy and solidarity; and, perhaps most important, the “plight of the worker in our increasingly corporatized democracy.” 

This is why the majority of its shows are performed free, in public parks, so that these people – the ones who are affected most and cannot thus necessarily afford a ticket – can appreciate it. That is the aim and that is what the Troupe has always been about.

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