San Francisco Mother Injects 8-Year-Old with Botox

The story of the Bay Area mother who injects her 8-year-old daughter’s face with Botox in order to prepare her for child beauty pageants has spread across the US like wildfire. Now, San Francisco’s Human Services Agency has opened investigations.

Kerry Campbell, who moved to SF from Birmingham, England, appeared last week on Good Morning America, explaining her daughter’s use of the medical wrinkle remover. She demonstrated, as well. San Francisco’s child abuse hot line was flooded following the interview.

Is This Normal?

According to Campbell, she is a professional esthetician, and she buys the Botox online. She claims that the medication is common in children’s beauty pageants. Pageant officials deny this.
“I’ve never, ever heard of a child getting that,” said Barbara Thomas of the California Gold Coast Pageants. “It’s ridiculous! What would a child have need of Botox for? They don’t have a wrinkle on their face.”
Director of human services Trent Rhorer said “there was a pretty big community response.”

The Medical Response

Dermatologist, physicians and child psychologists all agree that injecting a child with Botox is very unhealthy.
Dr. Laura Davies, a child psychologist, said “Medically, who knows what this is going to do to a growing child, and then psychologically, oh my God. It’s disgusting. The goal of parenthood is to love your kids like they’re the best thing since sliced bread. It’s not that complicated. The message she’s sending is, ‘You’re not good enough.’ She’s prioritizing physical beauty, which is exactly what you don’t want to do.”

Here is a video from ABC7:

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