San Francisco Opens Public Space in “The Heart of Downtown”

Hundreds of people took part in the grand opening of San Francisco’s new public space “in the heart of downtown,” located in the Union Square district on the two block Powell Street Promenade.

“Two thirds of the millions of annual visitors make their way down here to Union Square and that’s why it produces 10 percent of our sales tax revenue,” explained Mayor Ed Lee. “They love coming here, and why not link the historic cable car stop on Market Street and make the experience of getting up here and the rest of the city a wonderful experience.”

The mayor thanked the city departments who were involved, calling Audi a “great corporation citizen” because of the company’s $890,000 contribution for the construction.

“We could not do this without the generosity of an amazing car company and I do hope, some day, in addition to seeing the Audi symbols here as part of this parklet, that we see more Audis traveling throughout San Francisco, so feel free to donate a couple to the city if you like,” Supervisor David Chiu added.”

According to the auto company, the promenade was “inspired by the same philosophy of design and innovation that defines our approach to car making.”

The new promenade coincides with San Francisco’s environmental efforts as well. Mayor Lee said “This unique public private non-profit partnership creates a safe, green, forward thinking and contemporary space for everyone to enjoy.”

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