San Francisco Saves its Pets

San Francisco has always been very pet-friendly. But now, the city’s emergency workers are making plans to look after dogs and cats when the next big earthquake strikes.  It is hoped that pet-disaster responders will be able to facilitate the journey for household pets to 125 temporary animal shelters.  As well, any pets that are injured from the earthquake will receive treatment at a mobile animal disaster medical command unit, costing San Francisco $300,000.

As well, there is a policy in San Francisco of “No-Pets-Left-Behind,” in line with city’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – SFSPCA.  This was set up by the city’s Animal Care and Control department.  What it means is, when people are rescued, their pets will be too.  Indeed, according to the city’s Animal Care and Control department, rescue workers usually tell people to leave their animals behind, but now, this organization is saying the opposite.

It seems though, overall, the “pet-centric approach” San Francisco has toward disasters is indicative of what has happened nationwide, following the Katrina disaster.  In other words, in general, pets are basically viewed much more as a part of someone’s family.

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