San Francisco Street Festivals

Food festivals are very popular for Bay Area citizens throughout the summer months.  There was the SF Chefs and Outside Lands, followed by the San Francisco Street Food Festival and soon there is to be the Yacht Rock: Summer Cocktails of the Farmers Market and the Outside Lands Festival.  At the San Francisco Street Food Festival, citizens and tourists alike are tempted by food and beverage while participating in a fundraising event.  Organized by La Cocina with Whole Foods Market, there is a cook-off for potential professional cooks to show off their talents.    The winners will receive: free both space at the festival; free kitchen prep time through La Cocina; free logistical support; meeting the Whole Foods Market marketing team as well as its local forager, Harv.

Locals can enjoy Rye on the Road cocktail bars, mixed by some of the regions most popular bartenders.  Drinks tokens are $4 a piece – beer costing one token and cocktails, two.  The featured beer is Amstel Wheat and Amstel Light which used around 60+ kegs per bar last year.

The first event was held on Friday, which featured the Alemany Night Market, featuring special guests including: BBQ pit master Rodney Scott and Javier Plascencia. Even though it’s $25 each ticket, it seems like it’s worth it, if only for the bar menu which includes a Rock & Rye Hot Toddy (rye whiskey with citrus, pineapple, spices and rock candy); a Street Food Swizzle (Flor de Cana 7 year Rum, lemon, maple, port, aromatic bitters, crushed ice) Whole Foods’ Steep Brew and more.  Saturday witnessed three bars and two food vendors, offering punters Spicy Palmoa, Classic Daiquiri, Mint Julep and more.  On Sunday the Alemany Market was home to: Adriana Lahl's Homemade Gravlax on Bagels; Salpicon Beef Salad; Peach-Amazake Smoothies, and a whole lot more. All proceeds go to La Cocina.

So for those who love festivals and fairs, they should keep an ear out for Yacht Rock: Summer Cocktails of the Farmers Market, organized by the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA) at the end of the month.  This organization seeks to “create a sustainable food system” via the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and educational programs. The idea was to educate urban consumers on the “diversity and quality of agricultural products,” according to CUESA’s Executive Director, Dave Stockdale.

Solar Power Festival

Then there’s the Outside Lands Festival.  The speakers on its stage uses Alternative Power Productions (APP)-powered solar panels which input 120 amps of power at 120 volts, rendering it America’s largest solar-powered hybrid stage.  And because it’s very similar to traditional staging, performers have no clue that the sun is powering their speakers.  As Joe Foreman, front man of Switchfoot commented, “we love our beach, we love our ocean, and we love the planet. Thanks to APP we get to play our songs on a stage that loves the environment as much as we do.”


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