San Francisco Tosca Café

coffee-machineSan Francisco restaurants come and go.  Some of them come, go and then come back, with a whole new lease on life.  Tosca Café was one of these.  It was converted a year ago from a bit of a dive into an elegant Italian restaurant. Given what it had been like for close to a century (a smoky, alcohol-filled, oil-smelling establishment), it has certainly come a long way.  Tosca Café is among a few San Francisco restaurants that has undergone such a notable renovation.

Today it is a real treat to dine at the Tosca Café. Pretty much everything was changed, upgraded and improved.  The tables were resurfaces with wood, chairs were reupholstered with red leather, tiles were patched up and the jukebox and coffee machine underwent a serious upgrade.

And of course, the food in this restaurant is just as impressive as its new surroundings. On the menu one can choose a starter such as fennel, oxtail terrine, or crispy pigtails.  Main dishes include: winter citrus and speck, point reyes blue salad, pork sausage. Make sure you leave room for dessert like the burnt orange, toasted almond, roasted white chocolate gelati.

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