San Francisco’s Great Compost Giveaway

The Great Compost Giveaway was launched yesterday, in appreciation of the San Francisco residents and their recycling and composting efforts.

The program, supported by San Fancisco’s Recreation and Park Department, the SF Department of Public Works and the SF Department of Environment, encourages recycling and compost production, as well as promotes the city’s community gardens. At yesterday’s event, thousands of participants collected their five gallons of free compost; all of which had been made from the same food scraps and plant matter that the residents disposed of in their green compost bins every day.

“San Franciscans are truly great recyclers and composters,” said Mike Sangiacomo, President and CEO of Recology. “Together we have achieved the highest landfill diversion rate in the nation. And today’s event means customers can reap what they sow by picking up some planting mix for their personal gardens and planter boxes.”

The program, founded in 1996, has collected more than 907,000 tons of plant and food scraps so far. With the help of source reduction, reuse and recycling programs, San Francisco has reached a 77% waste diversion rate from landfills. Every year, 95,000 cubic yards of compost are produced. Not only does this process reduce landfill disposal, it also lessens greenhouse gas emissions by reducing methane production and restoring carbon in top soil. The amount of methane avoided and carbon sequestered is enough to ‘neutralize’ emissions from all vehicles crossing the Bay Bridge for more than two years.

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