San Francisco’s Pet Camp Adds 13,000-Foot Space

The San Francisco pet “overnight lodging and daycare center” Pet Camp has recently added 13,000 square feet of space designated to outdoor play. The space is professionally landscaped with various trees and plants, and included a dry creek bed. Called the Savannah, the space was created for the program’s new outdoor daycare package. This particular 15-visit package costs $42 a day.

Pet Camp- the “Best in the Bay”

Pet Camp has won the “Best in the Bay” award three times. It is the program that offers the most off-leash and outdoor activities in the country, as well as the only outdoor daycare area for cats.

Pet Camp’s Virginia Donohue said “Our new Back Country Activity Package features all day outdoor play. Dogs get much needed exercise and fresh air in the Savannah.” She continued, stating that “the dogs here are ecstatic. They love being able to run, romp and enjoy the great outdoors in complete safety. Our clients feel good about bringing their pets here. It’s a much better alternative than leaving them stuck inside at home all day.”

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