San Francisco’s RobotSpeak Music School Opens Classes to the Public

San Francisco’s RobotSpeak, the music production school, will be hosting a free clinic, a live show and numerous classes in December, all of which are open to the public free of charge.

The first event, which is planned for Saturday, December 3rd, will be a class on building customized Arduino-based MIDI controllers.

“At the end of the 9-hour class, you will walk away with your own custom MIDI controller that is unique and different,” explained Steve Taomina of the school.

Later that day, RobotSpeak will also greet the Propellorhead team at an introduction to Reason 6 and Balance, their new hardware.

“We’re getting together for an audio interface shootout where we will compare Balance up against other devices,” Taomina said. “This will be an opportunity to let your ears be the judge as we conduct blind listening tests in the RobotSpeak studio.”

North American Markets director Gerry Basserman will present Reason 6 and its new features, as well as offer a Q&A session. Sound design team member Kurt Kurasaki will also give a quick overview of sound and effect updates.

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