San Francisco’s Stolen Puppy Found

A puppy was stolen from the SPCA in San Francisco on Tuesday, hours after being promised to another family.

A surveillance video from the adoption center in the Mission District showed a couple and a small child nab the light-brown and white puppy named James at around 3:45 p.m.

The SPCA’s Efforts

The SPCA offered $500 for the James’ return, and added that the puppy has been neutered and registered with a microchip. They also revealed descriptions of the thieves, explaining that the man was around 5’7 and heavy set with spiky black hair and a short beard, while the woman was 5’6 with dark hair as well. One day later, the puppy was found.

Bought and Brought Back

A woman, who requested to remain anonymous, claimed she bought the puppy for $200 outside of the Safeway on Mission Street. She later brought the puppy to her mother’s house, where James was recognized as the stolen puppy on the news.

James was returned to the SPCA, and will be picked up by his intended family later today.

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