San Francisco’s Third Fine Mineral Show to Open on July 8th

San Francisco’s third annual Fine Mineral Show will open on July 8th at Embassy Suites in San Rafael. Though the show will only be held for three days, it will feature more than thirty individual vendors with hundreds of rare minerals on display and for sale.

The Minerals

Like to the ones displayed in museums around the world, the Fine Mineral Show minerals are naturally preserved and uncut. Decorators, collectors and dealers will benefit from the wide variety; the minerals are brought from several countries, including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Brazil, Mexico and the US. Mineral specimens will include all shapes, sizes and colors, from the bright red of rhodochrosite to the deep blue of tanzanite.

The Customers and the Business

The show’s producer Dave Waisman is often asked why people collect these minerals. He explains that some collect for scientific or economic purposes, but mainly for the beautiful, artistic appeal. They are often used as decorations or set on display.

Seann Xenja, one of the mineral dealers, will participate in the San Francisco Mineral Show. His crystals come directly from mining sites in Uruguay and Brazil.

“The business of sourcing, collecting and selling fine minerals has become much more dynamic today than just setting up a store,” Xenja said, implying the old “rock shop” tradition, where vendors would be set up on the sides of a road to attract travelers.

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