Sanchez Headed for Rehab

Giants player Jonathan Sanchez is headed out for rehab….again.  The Giants will be going to Citizens Bank Park on Tuesday to begin the NLCS rematch series without Sanchez.  But the Giants won’t be the only team missing some members so they might take some comfort in that.  Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee from the Philadelphia Phillies will also be amiss.

According to Bruce Bochy, manager for the Giants, Sanchez won’t be pitching in Philadelphia either.  Indeed, according to a report yesterday in the Mercury News, the team’s manager is hoping Sanchez will be able to “make one more rehab start for Triple-A Fresno and stretch his pitch count beyond 100 before the coaching staff would look at ways to work him back into the rotation.”

Sanchez’ Setbacks

Of course, going to rehab is a huge disappointment for the Giants player.  He claimed his arm was feeling good when he struck out eight out of five innings for his team against the Colorado Springs two days ago.  As the report goes on, despite the fact that he won the N.L. West clincher for his team in “last year’s regular-season finale, for the moment, he fe[lt] like the odd man out.”

It is true that the speed of his arm was impacted by the tendinitis he suffered on his biceps.  But he claimed that “wasn’t an issue,” while throwing 85 pitches against Colorado Springs.  He moved his glove nearer to his body while doing so, in an attempt to “keep his arm from dropping it.”  Following on from this, he will be “throwing more strikes.”

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