Scientists Discover “Corridors of Life” Across the Pacific

Scientists, with the help of thousands of radio signals, have discovered a pair of wide ocean highways running through the Pacific. Marine animals flock to these two highways, or ‘corridors of life,’ to feed, migrate, mate and reproduce.

Radio Waves

The pathways were discovered using radio signals from thousands of electronic tags that have been fitted to the top predators of the Pacific Ocean, like sharks, whales and birds such as the albatross. Both the marine and aerial creatures have helped scientists add pieces to the puzzles that are marine environments and behavior patterns. The corridors of life have been likened to Serengeti Plain, and are sometimes referred to as “the grasslands of the sea.” Like the African plain, the highways teem with migrating animals.

Ten Year Project

The discovery names the ten year project a success. More than 75 scientists were involved, including Barbara Block of Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station, and Daniel Cost of US Santa Cruz, two of the projects leaders.

Now, more than twenty scientists will combine their findings in an organized report, which will be published on


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