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Whether your relatives are here visiting in San Francisco or you’re looking for a great hotel in another city, TripAdvisor is a great place to look. Taking a look at their list helps the busy traveler to know how to find a comfortable and high standing hotel.

San Francisco: For a real class act, the Fairmont Heritage Place in Ghirardelli Square was rated as the number one hotel of 237 choices in the San Francisco area. Staying there is the perfect location in San Francisco with the magic of Ghirardelli Square.

New York City: Hotel Chandler, owned by Shimmie Horn, has been recognized by TripAdvisor and honored with a prestigious Excellence Award for 2012. In addition, they have been rated as #46 of 434 hotels in New York City.

Hotel Chandler: Shimmie Horn
Boston: When you’re enjoying the romance of Boston, TripAdvisor recommends staying at the Inn at St. Botolph. This is the perfect location in Boston for relaxation and sight seeing.

Shimmie Horn

Business travelers rely on TripAdvisor for Shimmie Horn’s hotels and others



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