Seven Firehouses to Be Renovated in 2012

FirehouseThe San Francisco Fire Department will be renovating seven firehouses in 2012, as part of a $412 million bond measure which was approved by voters last June.
Originally, the portion was meant to update the underground water system that is used in fighting fires, as well as to support a new police headquarters and fire station. 80 percent of the votes, however, came from the promise to improve the city’s firehouses.

The first station to be shut down will be Station 44 in Visitacion Valley. Later, Stations 2, 5 and 17 will also be closed for repairs. Some of the stations will undergo minor fixations such as roof repairs and plumbing fixes before being closed down.

While certain stations are closed, the firefighters will be working from nearby stations, and responding to calls that would normally go to them. “There are no plans to reduce personnel,” said a spokesperson for the Fire Department. “They’ll be responding from other stations in their district.”

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