SF Game Night

SF Game Night, hosted by Showdown, takes place twice a week in a loft like bar in the Bay. It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s hip and it attracts close to 500 people on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No matter the skill level, game lovers join together to battle it out. They choose this venue rather than to stay at home and play alone.


gamingThere is a $5 entrance fee and then players sit around tables loaded with games provided by Gamescape. They drink cocktails with a game theme and start competing. They really get into the gaming spirit. As well as the games rock band players put out an energetic soundtrack, in line with the games. One is privy to arcade sound and beer-pong balls bouncing on the floor.

SF Game Night started a year ago. And it’s really caught on. It’s much more popular amongst men (10 times the amount of males to females) but that is quite typical in the gaming industry. Players are generally on the younger side – 20s and 30s – but not exclusively. And Showdown has a Twitch cannel online broadcasting two players battling it out in Ultra Street Fighter IV. You have to be really good to volunteer to play there! But it could be worth it as grand prize winner takes 70 percent of the pool (buy in of $5), the one who comes in second takes 20 percent and third, 10 percent.

This is so much more than just the money though. It is an energy. It is camaraderie. It’s happening. Every Tuesday and Thursday, this is where it’s at.

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