SF Zoo Welcomes New Addition

The San Francisco Zoo is finally celebrating the birth of their newest addition- a female koala joey born to Zakary in December of last year.

Koala joeys are born before they are fully developed, and so they remain in their mother’s pouch for a number of months before emerging and learning to be independent. Now, Zakary’s baby has left its pouch, and was photographed by the media for the first time just this month.

First Koala Since 2000!

The San Francisco Zoo takes part in a conservation breeding program that is aimed at boosting the koala population after a steep drop that resulted from a widespread disease amongst wild koalas. This is the first koala to be born at the zoo since the year 2000, to two koalas who came to the zoo as a temporary loan; Zakary and Travis Jr. The joey has not yet been named.

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