SFPD Helps in Apple’s Attempt to Reclaim Stolen iPhone 5 Prototype

In contrast to SFPD’s last claim, police officials recently admitted that a small team of plain-clothes officers did in fact help Apple security investigate a home last week.

According to CNET, the officers were searching for a prototype of the next iPhone which was left at a Mission neighborhood bar by an Apple employee. Once the mistake was discovered, Apple contacted the police department claiming the prototype is “invaluable.”

Four San Francisco police officers then escorted the Apple investigators to a home in Bernal Heights, where they waited outside as the company’s security searched the home. The item was not found, and no police report was filed. Apple’s spokesman declined to comment as well.

Police did not actually describe the “lost item” that Apple had found missing, however according to Reuters the file name of the news release was “iphone5.doc.”

This story is reminiscent of past iPhone mishaps. The iPhone 4 prototype was also stolen from a bar in the Bay Area and sold to the blog Gizmodo.


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