SF’s Bullet Train Update

California’s high-speed rail has been a debated issue for quite a while now. A new proposal has been released, suggesting the use of old Caltrain tracks as opposed to installing new ones throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Pros…

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the renovation of the Caltrain tracks, which would include electrifying them, would cost $1.5 billion. The original plan of building four new bullet-train tracks would cost a whopping $6.1 billion.

…And the Cons

The downside is that sharing the tracks would limit the speed of the bullet trains. Also, fewer trains would have to be run. Officials have stated that they understand that the four new tracks will be needed eventually, but the alternative serves as a temporary solution, allowing the rail to launch within the decade.

The city expects the proposal to be approved by the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s board on Thursday.

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