Shark Spotted Off of San Francisco’s Stinson Beach

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter saw a shark at Stinson Beach this past weekend. Although the beach is a very popular vacation area in the Bay Area, the National Park Service has stated that people should avoid the water until later this week.

Interestingly (and rather crazily), there are San Francisco residents who insist on going in the water. While this seems like a truly bad idea, the National Park Service has asked that such people limit their activities to the knee-deep areas only. Surfing has been banned completely.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry,” said Cristina Slager of SF’s Aquarium of the Bay.

The San Francisco Chronicle states that the shark was between eight to ten feet long. Some have claimed it is a great white shark. Alexandra Picavet of the NPS explained that the shark was seen 250 yards off Stinson Beach’s northern end. Research has shown that the great white sharks off the California coast annually migrate thousands of miles, travelling from Baja, Mexico.

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