Sick of Sarah Releases Full Album on BitTorrent

Sick of Sarah, the all-girl punk band, has teamed up with the San Francisco-based BitTorrent Inc. to distribute their newest album to more than 100 million users across the globe. The album was released free of charge, as a means to experiment with the new method of online distribution.

“Releasing an album on BitTorrent is an incredible opportunity. We wanted to reach our fans on the Internet, and our fans use BitTorrent,” said Sick of Sarah’s bassist, Jamie Holm. “Imagine exposure to the same number of people as a Super Bowl ad. While album sales will remain a critical element of success, we also believe BitTorrent will help us drive new fans to live concerts and purchase our merchandise.”

“Our industry is changing fast, and it’s time for bands to experiment with new types of Internet distribution and discover the future of fan engagement. We’re excited to work with BitTorrent to learn what works.”

Eric Klinker, CEO of BitTorrent, said “Sick of Sarah’s progressive thinking and modern approach to making their music available to online audience is inspiring. The band’s efforts align with our vision of an open ecosystem. Rather than act as a middleman between creators and consumers, our engineers are building technologies to connect the two communities directly. Our users have proven enthusiastic to our spotlight artists thus far, and we’re confident that Sick of Sarah will be embraced as well. Quite simply, the album is awesome.”

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