Stepping Out with Cerebral Palsy

A recent surgery on six year-old Lily Gordon has let the child take her first steps after living the first few years of her life crippled by  cerebral palsy.  The operation has even allowed her to dance a few steps with the support of a walking frame.

Lily’s mother Joanne said: “She is doing so well. She has even joined a musical theatre class and joins in doing little movements with her feet.”

Joanne and David Gordon, living in North Tyneside, never thought they’d see their daughter learning to walk, let alone joining a dance class. In fact, they stumbled upon the helpful surgery by accident, while watching a TV show that exposed them to the option.

They learned of a little boy, also suffering from cerebral palsy, who received Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery in the US in an effort to help him walk. Joanne, 39, then contacted a finance and commercial manager and made plans to raise the 50,000 pounds needed to send Lily to Missouri. The four week stay at The Children’s Hospital was the beginning of a new life for Lily.

Joanne explained: “It was just by the off-chance we had seen the program, and if we had not heard about it we may never have gone along that road. Last year we were just thinking about it around Christmas, we did not know how much it would cost. It’s hard to believe it is 12 months later and it is all over and on her way to recovery. We are so glad we did it.”

“It is all the little things that mean the world to us such as Lily’s handwriting improving since the surgery. Some people may expect her to be walking fully by now, but it is things like her sitting on the sofa on her own and the fact we can leave her to sit on a chair whereas before she would have fallen off it. We can see as the weeks go on she is getting stronger. She wants to walk now, and she can if we hold her hand.”

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