SunPower Building New, Solar-Powered Campus in San Jose

sunpower-solar-panelsSunPower, a Silicon Valley- based solar manufacturer, recently announced that its growth plans require relocation to a new headquarters. They will stay in San Jose, but will be moving next spring to Rio Robles, to their new, three-building campus. SunPower’s 300 staff members, who include the finance, communications, engineering and product development teams, will only be moving after the buildings are renovated for the LEED gold standard in efficiency. Over 200 people are expected to be added to the staff within the next few years. Currently, SunPower has 900 employees in the U.S., and 6,000 across the globe.

The company is looking into a possible $30 million low-interest loan from California State, which it will put towards equipment and renovations. Rooftop solar systems as well as a solar carport are already in the plans. SunPower CEO Tom Werner stated that “this move to a larger campus reinforces our planned growth over the next several years, not just here, but around the globe, manufacture and deliver the highest efficient solar cells and panels on the market today.” Chuck Reed, Mayor of San Jose said that “SunPower’s new campus will serve as a showcase for innovation and green investment. I congratulate and thank SunPower for playing a crucial role in the implantation of the city’s green vision, adding clean tech jobs that will help stimulate our economy, retrofitting its new green standards, and for powering its campus with solar power.”

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