New Technology in San Francisco Restaurants

restaurantThanks to new technology, guests at some San Francisco restaurants will be able to reserve a table and pay their bill without having to talk to anyone.  Using either smartphones or computers, the online service called OpenTable is currently testing out reservations and payment by mobile devices in 20 San Francisco restaurants.

This technology will allow diners at San Francisco restaurants to enjoy their meal and not have to waste time getting the attention of a waiter who is busy taking orders.  In addition, OpenTable has said that it does not intend to take a cut of the check.  What will happen instead is that the restaurants using the system will be charged the interchange fee that is usually applied by credit card companies.

Details on tipping and check-splitting still need to be figured out but it hoped that by 2014 it will extend to other markets as well.

For a current list of participating San Francisco restaurants, click here

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