The TiVo of Tomorrow and Your Smartphone

On TV of Tomorrow in San Fran yesterday, TiVo’s VP of user experience design Margret Schmidt explained the company’s direction for the future, stating that she envisioned a program that would enable TiVo to trigger apps on smartphones and tablets. Another idea is that content could be viewed simultaneously in several locations.

Some of Schmidt’s visions are reminiscent of those that the company presented in February as part of the Cisco Survey of the Future of TV. While some of the predictions may not take form in upcoming years, they are a good reference to the direction that company plans to take.

At the moment, the TiVo iPad app enables users to keep tabs on the TiVo Premiere DVR, to control Season Pass recording, and to schedule shows. The app can also identify what the user is watching, and enables them to learn about the cast and crew while watching a show. Schmidt explains that she hopes to take the technology to the next level.

“You can connect your iPad app to that DVR and the tablet and control it… and it knows you’re watching on the TV whether it’s live, or recorded, it knows the show, the minute you’re in,” she said. “What we’d like to do next.. is take the secondary experience, the supplemental content on the iPad, and it coule be very rich. It could be associated with the minute you’re in the TV show watching, the commercial you’re watching, whether it’s an app you’ve disguised, or just intelligently linking from the Food Network show you’re watching and the recipe they’re talking about, to the Food Network app on that recipe, that enhanced content. I think that’s really interesting.”

She went on to explain the other concept: “Sometimes there’s something you do want to watch on your own, and sometimes you want to share it,” she said. “So let’s pause this, what I’m watching now, let’s throw this other one up on the TV.” She continued, “Coming back to a shared TV experience- I like to see that shared TV experience, where we don’t have to be in the same room. With content in the cloud, there is the ability to watch the same experience but not be together in the same space- that’s something very interesting that we could do.”

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