Top Trade Envoys In San Francisco

Ron KirkTop trade envoys from the United States and Korea met on Tuesday, October 26th in San Francisco, California.  Kim Jong-hoon, the Korean Minister of Trade, and Ron Kirk, the US Trade Representative, met for the first time in history to work towards the conclusion of the free trade deal before the G2O Seoul Summit which is supposed to take place in the beginning of next month. A total of 112 top global trade CEOs are expected to attend this assembly. The participants plan to discuss corporations’ parts in stimulating development, and specifically mean to cover trade, investment, finance and environmentally sustainable economic growth.

The meeting in San Francisco is generating a large amount of interest as to whether the US and Korea negotiators will make any substantial progress in sealing the agreement. Washington DC has asked that the G2O Seoul Summit withhold any additional details and information about the assembly until the meeting in San Francisco comes to an end.

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