Twitter’s Evan Williams On Stepping Down

Co-founder of Twitter Evan Williams is beginning a career of new focus.

“After stepping down from CEO six months ago, my mind started to wander,” he said in his EvHead blog. “I’ve decided to scale back my role at the company.”

Williams’ message came shortly after Jack Dorsey, another co-founder, publicized that he would be returning to Twitter as executive chairman, in order to lead its product team. Williams, on the other hand, handed the San Francisco-based company to Dick Costolo, saying he would now focus on product strategy.

Twitter “In Capable Hands”

“Now that Twitter is in capable hands that aren’t mine, it’s time to pick up a whiteboard marker and think fresh,” Williams said. “There are other problems/opportunities in the world that need attention, and there are other individuals I’d love to get the opportunity to work with and learn from.” Williams added that he believes that Twitter is “on solid grounds.”

And it is. Since its inception in 2006, the firm has gathered 450 employees, and hires new people every week. Twitter has over 200 million users, who send an average of 140 messages every day.

What’s Next?

As for his position at Twitter, Williams said “I’m still involved, but it’s no longer my full time job.” He continued, saying “I’m not ready to talk about what I have planned next. But, I will venture a prediction about what’s next for Twitter: it will be bigger and better.” He explained that he is “not disappearing from Twitter,” and that he will remain a member of the board of directors.

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