The UK Comes to San Francisco Theater

sliding-doorsSan Francisco Theater is getting a dose of UK entertainment.  The Mostly British Film Festival – presented at the Vogue Theatre – is now in its sixth year and includes artists from the UK, Australia, Ireland and India. It comprises 25 oldies, indies, documentaries and more.  The festival is presented by both the California Film Institute and the San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation.

Beginning with “Le Week-End,” this is a story of a couple visiting Paris in an effort to reignite their relationship.  Especially for Valentine’s Day there were two romantic shows (Sliding Doors and Love Actually) as well as an indie set due to open in the UK called Love Me Til Monday, that is very typically British and will resonate with those from the UK!  Murieann Price, producer of the movie explains that this low-budget movie was the result of a workshop whereby character immersion and improvisation churned out three-dimensional characters.

As Price further explains, “the film has had such a fantastic response from people our age, with so many going, ‘Oh, my God, that is my life!’ We made the film on such a shoestring budget that it’s incredible to think it’s going to be seen out of our home country.”

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