Valentine’s Day Good for SF Restaurant Business

In San Francisco, restaurants are especially grateful for Valentine’s Day.

According to Patrick Yumul, the vice president of operations at Michael Mina Restaurant Group, Mondays are the best night for Valentine’s Day in the restaurant business in the city. This is because Monday nights are generally slow, and this year’s holiday brought in a significant amount of customers. In fact, the restaurant business has been in hyper mode since Friday, as many couples preferred to celebrate their love over the weekend instead of mid-week. Also, reservations for Monday were quickly filled.


“It’s funny about Valentine’s Day. Weekends we go to turns (of the tables), and Valentine’s Day people eat a lot faster,” Yumul explained. “I don’t know if they’re in a hurry to get home, but we definitely turn the tables faster.” He added that many restaurants have a pre-set menu for Valentine’s Day, which also eases the pressure on the staff and makes the process much faster.


According to Pete Sittinick of Epic Roasthouse, the one drawback is “it’s mostly all parties of two, so we wind up seating two people at tables that could accommodate four and six.”

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