Verizon Employees Return to Work, Negotiations to Begin This Week

Verizon’s 45,000 employees have agreed to resume working under a previous contract as negotiators aim to come to a new agreement. The recent strike protested benefit cuts that Verizon implemented in an effort to balance its declining sales.

According to Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America, negotiations are to be held in the near future, while the old contract will go back into effect on Tuesday. He explained that the workers are willing to return because the company has agreed to negotiate.

“The strike was about the process. We are now convinced that a change to the process is possible,” Cohen said. “The risk of going back to work while negotiating this is worth it to us.”

Rich Young, spokesman for Verizon, stated that the wireline company still intends to make changes to union members’ benefits, and added that he believed the return to work would help discussions progress.

“We have to reach an agreement,” Young said.

Cohen explained that it is unlikely that the two sides reach an agreement within the next month.

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