Woman Stranded in SF Airport for EIGHT Days

Teri Weissinger, a broke San Francisco traveler, found herself living in the airport for eight days.

With hopes of starting a new life in Idaho, Weissinger packed a plane ticket, a few bags and $30; literally everything she owned. Having last flown five years before, she was surprised to discover that she had to pay a fee for each of her bags, and so, with only $30, she was forced to miss her flight and stay stranded in the U.S. Airways terminal at the San Francisco International airport for over a week.

In order to reschedule a flight, Weissinger was required to pay $150, which she didn’t have, so she stayed in the airport as she had no home to return to.

“I found a little stairway and I just laid on the floor and slept,” she said. She then spent the week wandering around the airport until her cash ran out. Eventually, she found the airport’s Church of Christ. Parishioners paid $210 in fees and she was finally able to fly to Idaho.

U.S. Airways issued an apology to Weissinger, but have not offered a refund.


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