5-Year-Old San Franciscan Girl Saves Choking Grandmother

In Southern San Francisco this weekend, a five year old girl saved her grandmother’s life.

Lee-Ann McCurdy was babysitting  five-year-old Kaylee Schirmer when she began joking on a chicken bone.

According to the child “My nana was eating a piece of chicken and she was choking and couldn’t breathe and she couldn’t talk and her last word was ‘harder’ and she was about to faint, but I gave her a few big ones and then it came out of her mouth.”

Lee-Ann said “I couldn’t really believe it at first that such a tiny girl had such a power punch in her and I was just so truly happy that I could breathe and be with them both, and I was just extremely proud.”

Stating that her granddaughter is a hero (a statement with which Kaylee agrees), the relieved grandmother explained that the story was publicized in hopes of educating young children and preparing them for these types of situations in case they arise.

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