Zynga Begins Trading in New York, Maintains ‘Startup Feeling’

Zynga, the developer of games including “Farmville,” and “Mafia Wars,” began trading in New York this weekend. The company’s San Francisco headquarters hosted a gathering of hundreds of employees to celebrate.

Mark Pincus, Zynga CEO, explained that he arranged the ceremony in order to include staff members in the IPO process. Mere moments after the bell was rung, the crowd went back to work.

“The sign of a great company meeting is that a lot of employees are so fired up that they want to go back to work,” Pincus said in an interview. “This event was like that—times ten.”

Under Pincus’s management, Zynga has raised $1 billion, in the largest IPO since Google’s debut seven years ago. The company’s success is laden with challenges, including boosting creativity and keeping the company’s staff concentrated on developing more beloved online games.

“I think we’ve kept that startup feeling for people,” Pincus said. “Our values of being metric-and outcome-driven enables us to push down ownership and control and leadership to the team, and I think that they appreciate that.”

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